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Concrete Water Tanks
All our concrete water tanks are quoted on a prepared site.  Brasser Concrete Water Tanks can arrange all services from site excavation, to plumbing to site clean up once all is finished.  We can custom build tanks to any size for ponds, concrete pits, retaining walls & other aspects where a concrete solution is desired.
All tanks are built on site, eliminating the need for wide / high access to the property.  We can construct your tank above ground or underground (such as under driveways, tennis courts or lawn areas).

Standard Tank Sizes
The below are a guide only – we can custom build to your height/diameter/capacity needs.

Capacity (Approx Litres ) Diameter Height
52,000 litres 6.2 metres 2.250 metres
63,000 litres 6.2 metres 2.650 metres
88,000 litres 7.8 metres 2.250 metres
100,000 litres 7.8 metres 2.650 metres


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